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R&T Enterprises, located in Clarksburg, WV, was founded in 1977 by Adam Rohrig Jr. and Weldon Thomas for the sole purpose of manufacturing Electrical Splicing kits for the coal industry. These splice kits are sold through mining distributors throughout the United States.

Adam Rohrig Jr. was raised in a played out coal mining community in southern West Virginia. He observed many neighbors and relatives who owned their soul to the company store. At that time it was prevalent for the coal companies to own the community (housing, gas stations, as well as the community store).

Upon graduating from high school, Adam attended West Virginia University and obtained a degree in agriculture. He then went to work at Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company and called on medical doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in northern and central West Virginia.

As a young person he observed the ups and downs of the coal market and its effects on the jobs in the community. Therefore, in order to add more stability to his life, he started his own business on the side while continuing his regular employment.

First he got into apartment rentals - buying, improving, and then reselling them for profit. Then in 1977, he started R&T Enterprises, Inc. which was a company that manufactured Electrical Splicing Kits for the coal mining industry. These splice kits are sold through Coal Mining Distributors throughout the U.S.

In 1990, when Upjohn was going through a friendly merger, he was offered a buyout with 30 years of service. After taking this early retirement, Adam knew he must make the changes in the structure of R & T Enterprises, Inc. for the company to survive the ups and downs of the coal market.

Adam has three sons that graduated from West Virginia University and his one son, Nate, with a degree in finance, decided to come on board with the company.

At this point it was decided that the company must diversify into several unrelated areas for the company to be on solid ground. They first went into industrial carvings followed by Safety and Motivational Awards and gifts under the name of A.R.T.C.O. (Another R&T Company).

Secondly, they purchased a Bottled Water Company that had won First Place in the International Water Tasting Contests four times (1991, 1993, 1995, 1997) calling this division, The Water Shop.

The next division they started was selling and installing Lighted Water Fountains on golf courses and housing developments.

Another division was Cover-All Buildings of West Virginia, which are the worlds leader steel and fabric pre-engineered open span (20-160 feet wide) buildings, which are used for barns, hay storage, maintenance, salt buildings, airport hangers, horse riding arenas and sports facilities.

Adams main purpose is to keep his employees informed and happy and to give them the opportunity to make a good living. His employees have grown from two to eleven employees. Also, he believes in making a fair market profit and to maintain the quality of his products.

A Few Words from Adam Rohrig Jr.

R&T Enterprises Inc. is a people oriented, diversified West Virginia company on the move in a state with very little increase in population.

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founded in 1977 by Adam Rohrig Jr. and Weldon Thomas

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