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Otterbine has been leading the world in lake and pond water quality management systems for over 50 years, and with a warranty rate of less than .5%, you can rest assured that Otterbine takes pride in producing a quality product that meets customer needs.

Considered the industry leader, Otterbine is moving its aerating fountain product line into the next century with a revolutionary new aerating fountain platform.

Otterbine aerating fountains and industrial aerators help to give nature a boost by treating the causes of poor quality water. These systems, known for their ability to keep water clean, are unlike other fountain systems. Otterbine has adopted disciplines from wastewater engineering and lake management experts to produce systems that offer beautiful spray patterns.

Oceans and natural lakes thrive and live because they have mass circulation that allows them to transfer oxygen into their systems. This circulation and oxygen transfer have allowed these bodies of water to stay healthy for centuries. Today, ponds and lakes start out fresh and clean, but as man impacts the environment, the life cycle is diminished. Poorly maintained lakes that have become our trash basins complete with aquatic weeds and algae, can evolve into marshlands in less than a decade.

Easy Fountains is dedicated to offering you a system that is tried and true. As one of the only manufactures committed to having its equipment independently tested for oxygen transfer and pumping volumes, Otterbine has teamed with the University of Minnesota to have its testing completed.

The same standards that go into our products go into the people that support Otterbine products. Factory personnel train all 300 distributors and 90 service centers worldwide. Otterbine is driven by a commitment to excellence and has internal measures that ensure that your questions, problems or design needs are met within 24 hours. Otterbine's Marketing Specialists survery every customer that returns warranty information to monitor customer satisfaction levelsconcerning product quality and service before and after the sale. These ratings are available for you to view at our Web site www.otterbine.com.

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